Beautifully Designed Podcast Studio

Studio is permanently closed

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The Wave Podcasting Studio is optimized for extreme comfort so you can be confident while recording. When you rent the studio, you get access to a full lounge for meeting and prepping guests. The space is designed with modern furniture, bright colors, and beautiful details so you can capture insta-worthy photo and video content. We allow alcohol and other refreshments in the space, and every experience comes with spa water, CBD gummies to calm nerves, free chapstick, and more to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Video Podcasting: We now accommodate video podcasting. This includes studio lighting, video recording with multiple angles, and custom backdrops (for your own signage or backdrop). There is no additional cost for these features, we will just reach out to coordinate your exact needs when you book.

To book, please email us at

Additional Podcast Services: Podcast website design/building, Podcast training

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