The Hallowed Halls

Portland's premier recording studio and event space located in an elegant 100 year old library building.

Podcast Studio Equipment: CONSOLES: Yamaha PM-2000 Mixing Console Neve 8816 Summing Mixer RECORDERS: Protools HDX System Avid HD I/O A/D Convertor 16 in 16 out DigiDesign 192 A/D Convertor 8 in 16 out Burl B2 Bomber A/D Convertor DigiDesign Command 8 Alesis ML-9600 High-Resolution Master Disc Recorder Apogee Rosetta AD Stereo A/D Convertor SPEAKERS: JBL LSR 32 Studio Monitors JBL LSR 12 Sub-Woofer Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors Furman Headphone Distribution System Studio B Live Room OUTBOARD: Daking 52270 Mic-Pre/Equalizer x2 Dan Alexander 1108 Urie Mic Pre/DI x2 Dan Alexander Dual Class A Neve Mic Preamp/DI Manley Tube Limiter/Compressor/Amplifer Universal Audio 6176 Tube Preamp/Limiter Altec 1612B Limiter Amplifier Roland Space-Echo RE-150 Otari MX-5050 Tape Slap SSL XLogic Compressor MXR Pitch Transposer DynaCord CLS 222 Leslie Simulator Little Labs PCP Instrument Distortion Furman Sound RV-1 Reverb System Yamaha SPX-90 Sony Digital 2 Channel Reverb MU-R201 Roland Digital Delay SDE-3000 Night Pro EQ 3-D The Matchbox Interface Amplifier SPL Transient Designer 2 Channel Dynamic Effects Processor UREI LA-12 Dual Compressor Focusrite Red 2 Dual Equalizer SPL Model SX2 Vitalizer Pultec Filter HLF-3C Eventide Ultra- Harmonizer DSP4500 API 550A EQ x2 Studio Technologies AN-2 Stereo Simulator Ampex 351 Tube Mic Pre Coffman Labs Custom Tube Mic Preamps x12

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