Tyler Copenhaver

Tyler Uriah Copenhaver-Heath is a successful entrepreneur who is committed to improving the lives of others. He has taken the hard lessons he learned while growing up and transformed them into the discipline and passion needed to earn a biochemistry degree and an MBA. He has built a multi-million dollar company from scratch, while learning from his multiple business endeavors and life experiences.

Tyler is a sales expert, a master of strategy, an unparalleled bootstrapping specialist, a nerd for accounting, and fascinated by the world of marketing and branding. He has worked with a wide range of industries and businesses, from newbie entrepreneurs to upcoming billion-dollar companies, providing invaluable consulting services. He is the ideal teammate to have.

Tyler co-created two podcasts. The first, "Bully This," is hosted by Tyler and his friend, UFC veteran Clifford Starks. They discuss how they overcame challenging times to become successful adults and provide insights for others to do the same. The second, "Redefining Heroes," follows Tyler and his teammate Elliot Uriah as they travel the world to redefine who we consider heroes. The show is both a docuseries and a podcast.

In 2013, Tyler and Elliot founded an auto shop with just $4,000. The company started as a side hustle flipping custom cars but quickly grew into the leading custom automotive shop in the area. Tyler gave up everything, including living in a rat-infested building with no hot water, to start this business. In just 8 years, it grew to became a multi-million dollar business with household name clients such as The Rolling Stones, WWE, and BMW, and multiple locations. The company was successfully sold in 2019, making it a true bootstrapping success story.

Tyler and his partner Elliot have also successfully launched a supplement company, a mattress firm, a property management company, an automotive lighting company, and EU consulting. He has also advised many companies, both big and small.

One of the things Tyler enjoys most about being an entrepreneur and business leader is mentoring other successful companies. He believes in the power of small businesses to generate transformative change in the lives of individuals and in the communities in which they live and work. He spends his free time encouraging students to stay in school, find their worth, and dream big. He is an avid believer in personal connections and the value of role models in the lives of at-risk youth.

Over the past two years, Tyler has pro-bono consulted for more than 60 new or struggling entrepreneurs, "putting his money where his mouth is." He is investing in what he calls "collateral impact": a ripple effect of financial stability, job creation, and community development, all brought on by the success of small businesses. When businesses thrive, people thrive, and the world thrives.

Although Tyler works 80 hours most weeks, he finds time to serve on the City of Phoenix Economic and Business Development Sub-Committee. He also trains in kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, and acts as a global MMA cornerman.

In addition to being a podcast host, Tyler is also a published author, amateur photographer, and world adventurer.

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