Information about Podcast Rental

How it works

How Podcast Rental works

What does Podcast Rental do?

We enable podcasters to easily find podcast studios in their area and quickly rent studio time. 

Our studio on-boarding process ensures that each podcast studio is reputable, and will assist podcasters of any level with their audio recording needs.

How to get started?

1. Create an account.
2. Search for podcast studios near you.
3. Connect with and rent studio time with reputable podcast studios in your area.
4. Record your audio with pro equipment and helpful studio representatives.
4. Voilà!

Is there any cost involved in renting a podcast studio?

Yes! The marketplace is completely free to search for and request a session but the owners of each studio will have unique pricing. All recording session and services payments will be handled directly with the studio.

Is there any cost involved in listing a podcast studio?

Yes. To ensure the quality of podcast studios, grow the service, and drive more studio rentals, Podcast Rental charges a small monthly listing fee.

We also offer a Premium Listing Subscription, giving podcast studios top positioning on the site and in our ongoing marketing efforts.

How do I cancel my listing subscription?

To cancel your listing subscription, please email [email protected] with your cancelation request. NOTE: Deleting your listing WILL NOT automatically cancel your subscription payments. 

Have additional questions?

Reach out to us at: [email protected]