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Bad Racket Recording Studio has been a staple of the Cleveland music scene and production industry for more than a decade. A one stop shop for recording quality Podcast for anything from musical albums, performance videos, podcasts, commercial voice over, ADR, or any other type of project. Since 2009, we have been recording, mixing, and mastering out of our studio located in Downtown Cleveland Ohio. Armed with our multi-room recording facility that includes an 1000 square foot live room (great for drums & classical ensembles), acoustically accurate control room, multiple isolation rooms, client lounge, and extensive high end equipment collection, we are ready to tackle any project. We look at each projects unique vision and requirements and work with you to lay out a plan to deliver high quality result you can be proud of. We are ultimately not just capturing a performance, but a moment in time with a unique sonic aesthetic that helps support the heart and soul of your performance. Come craft a memorable recording at Bad Racket with a big, bold, gritty, and authentic energy embodied in it.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcast producer, interviewer, or just starting out, we can offer a professional advice and services, and relaxed space for your podcast.

Phone Patch Video Connect, Skype, Source Connect and, Sound Effects / Post Production
We can even do phone patch, post-production, sound effects, etc.

Producing the Highest Quality material from our studio.
There’s a lot of noise out there, and you want your voice to be heard and stand out from the crowd!

Bad Racket is a full services podcast studio in Cleveland, with everything you need at our state of the art recording studio.

Helping Podcasts Grow Audiences with Marketing and Quality Content Creation
We can help you with podcast planning and development, podcast Post Production and Editing, distribution and monetization.

We regularly produce podcasts radio dramas, and commercial radio shows for digital distribution and later broadcast. We can record multiple people for a discussion including host and guest, callers, and music. Afterwards we can edit the tracks so that each person is clearly heard, and any extra noises or open microphones are muted when they aren’t necessary. We can edit out coughs, stumbles over words, and fine tune the final project, layering sound effects and music in, or adding any effects you might want. We can record 6 or more people at once. (although seriously, thats too many people to keep it coherent sometimes)

We are an established company familiar with podcast production for syndicated broadcast or local radio programs. We are skilled audio video technicians with a focus on customers needs. We care deeply about developing stories and building new audiences. We get excited about new experiences and making new shows in the podcast environment.

We help customers grow their podcasts through the scheduling and scripting, as well as grow email lists, social media marketing, and supporting communities with work from our team members. We work with marketing teams to produce blog posts, podcasts, social media updates, videos and design elements for growth and customer retention. We devise new strategies and campaigns for audience driven growth, through high quality podcasts and media production from our studio in Cleveland Ohio.

Guests and Support for Long Term Goals
When you’re generating new lists of guests, and making decisions, monitoring metrics and editing, proofs for shows. We support production of episodes according to specific deadlines, as well as analysis of strategies on a regular bases to report on performance. We have experience since 2009 producing marketing communication and podcasts with an impressive portfolio of examples. We have a lot of experience podcasting and audio production and a strong interest in a self motivated and highly organized manner collaborating with team members and producers.

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