Broken Knuckle Studios

What sets Broken Knuckle apart from other studio rentals is our ability to offer not only superb audio quality, we can also edit your show, add your show to all podcast hosting services, and give our clients a true podcast experience without being burdened with editing, reading ads in show, and figuring out how and where to host your show.
Basically, with Broken Knuckle, you have all the fun of recording and if desired, we do the rest. Of course you always have the option of editing your own show on your own time. You don't have to wait days for your show to post, you can walk out with it after recording on your own thumb drive. Shows that receive full post editing services are guaranteed to be out within 7 days of recording.

Podcast Studio Policy: Basic services which include an engineer and basic editing are $40.00 per hour. Editing that requires a more tailor made approach, such as sounds, specific audio clips, and shows using our Skype feature will be charged case by case.
Podcast Studio Equipment: We have the capacity to have up to 8 persons on mic, we use Peavey pics and mixing boards, Skype, and green screen technology for shows requiring a video presence on YouTube, and other video streaming services.
Additional Podcast Services: We have complimentary beverages in studio for all guests.

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