The Complexx ATL Podcast Room Rental

When it comes to podcasting everything matters, it's your perspective sent out to the world through audio and video. We all know what they say about impressions. Here at The Complexx ATL we've created a professional and safe cozy space for content curators to unleash their expression. We've added the option for equipment rentals for visual recording and photography should you opt to do more with your podcast streaming.

Podcast Studio Policy: We invite you to have fun recording your podcast at The Complexx ATL!! we don't allow food in the podcast room you may bring a drink as long as it has a secured top that prevents spilling. If you damage any equipment, you're responsible for the replacement.
Podcast Studio Equipment: 4 Mics -Sterling ST151 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone 1 RodeCaster Pro
Additional Podcast Services: In house engineer

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