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MakSchu’s intimate podcast set is best suited for one to four people and has the capabilities for easily accommodating remote guests. When our team created this podcasting and live streaming studio, we carefully considered the look and feel of the space. Ultimately, we developed a studio that is not only cozy but extremely convenient for our clients to produce high-quality podcasts on any topic – and feel professional from start to finish.

When you choose MakSchu for your podcasting and streaming studio, we can easily brand your content by using the space’s built-in, on-set TV and through on-screen graphics. The set comes with up to four microphones, three cameras and live streaming capabilities. This isn’t just a studio rental, but a comprehensive experience – and you’ll truly feel like you have every tool you need to produce something meaningful and spectacular. And, when your session is complete, you can walk out of the studio with your audio and live recordings from our video switcher without any further editing needed.

Here's what your rental will include:

-Podcast Studio Space
-4 Cardioid Dynamic Microphones
-Audio Mixer
-3 Cameras
-TV screen for content
-Video Switcher
-Custom Accent Lighting
-Production Crew

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